Chargers vs. Titans, Second Half and Goodnight

It's been a while since I last checked in, but it's still the same football game. We're well into the third quarter of the final game of Wild Card Weekend '08 Bukkake and this game is dragging along with a score of 6-3. Tennessee is winning, Floats (pictured) i really crappy, and LaDainian is still lacking swag. If… » 1/06/08 6:38pm 1/06/08 6:38pm

Happy Birthday, Gilbert

Seeing as how he's injured (and might not be back) you may not know that today is Gilbert Arenas's birthday, and therefor, it is the first anniversary of the coolest birthday party I've ever attended. It's also worth noting that it was the only reason that thesetwo photo-ops were able to take place. Check out… » 1/06/08 3:56pm 1/06/08 3:56pm

Celtics Get Their Balls Back

Perhaps "untouchable" wasn't the right word to describe the DeTroit (I like it better that way) Pistons. Last night they had a chance to stick it to the Celtics again, and this time they had the pleasure of hosting the action. Yet it was not to be. The Celtics relied on Glen Davis'...uh...muscle to lead the way past… » 1/06/08 2:40pm 1/06/08 2:40pm

Knight Reaches New Heights, Real Teams Play

Bobby Knight picked up win number 899 for his career yesterday and he marked the occasion by bringing his infant grandson to the post game press conference. Fortunately he refrained from teaching the kid any new words. Follow after the jump for the video (h/t FanHouse) and the recap of Oregon's win over Arizona and… » 1/06/08 12:10pm 1/06/08 12:10pm

Keeping Up With Wild Card Weekend

If you happen to find yourself in contact with a fan of the Steelers or the Redskins you should probably just give them their space. It wasn't a good night, and judging from the stuff I've already heard on ESPN, it's not going to be a good morning or afternoon. The Steelers stormed back from an 18 point deficit only… » 1/06/08 11:32am 1/06/08 11:32am

Bynum Pulls Out of the G-Spot Too Fast

Will Bynum, formerly of Georgia Tech and Arizona fame, was arrested sometime yesterday in Tel Aviv, Israel (I don't do time zones) after a fight at a club turned into a hit-and-run. via
» 1/06/08 10:50am 1/06/08 10:50am

Continue after the jump for all of details that led up to the incident, obviously there's a claim that a woman was…

Seattle vs. Washington: Second Half

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I hope you enjoyed that first half, because I sure as shit didn't. The Redskins punted the ball at a breakneck pace and once Seattle got on the board their offense began to slow down. Then at the very end of the half master timekeeper Mike Holmgren decided he didn't want to leave any of his timeouts… » 1/05/08 6:26pm 1/05/08 6:26pm

Seattle vs. Washington: First Half

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It's just about that time and my fingers are shaking from the anticipation... and the delirium tremens. The Seahawks and their alleged 12th Man have opened up Qwest field to the visiting Redskins and the kickoff of the 2008 NFLplayoffs are just moments away. I won't actually "live blog" the action… » 1/05/08 4:20pm 1/05/08 4:20pm

Rating the Swatters

Empty the Bench ranks the best defenders of the rim in the Association. Marcus Camby is an easy choice as number one, but I have to take issue with Andray Blatche's placement. The young ex-John leads all bench players in blocks per game with 1.6. He could be even more effective, but Brendan Haywood keeps boxing him… » 1/05/08 3:55pm 1/05/08 3:55pm